Bull Shoals Fishing Report – April 1st, 2015

This fishing report is for the K-Dock area of Bull Shoals Lake. Since the rain last week, and the cold weather, Table Rock has been running all 4 generaters 24/7. The water temperature dropped to 45 or 46 and nothing is biting in the cold water. The bass can be caught in Bear Creek on jigs and some crappie and whites are being caught as well. You can also go way up in Beaver Creek and catch whites. Hopefully they will quit dumping Table Rock and will start letting some water out at the dam. Good Luck

Small Mouth - Tom's Friend

Tom 3 1/2 Lb White Bass

Tom 4lb Bass

Bull Shoals Fishing Report – March 22nd, 2015

This fishing report is for the K-Dock Marina area of Bull Shoals Lake. The white bass are being caught in a lot of areas from Mincy to up in Beaver Creek. Light gray buck tail jigs, purple swimming minnows, pearl with black swimming minnows, and other baits are the most productive. Several sub-legal walleye are being caught on the drop offs near the river channel. The bigger walleye should start showing up anytime now. We caught some crappie while jigging spoons for walleye and while fishing for whites, but we could not find them bunched up. The bass are a mystery to me as I have not been able to establish any pattern at all. Good Luck and go fishing.

Minnie's White Bass

Steve's 3lb White Bass

Bull Shoals Fishing Report – May 18th, 2014

This fishing report is for the K-Dock Marina area of Bull Shoals Lake. The water temp. shot up last week to over 70 degrees and everything was happening at once. The crappie spawned, the bass may have spawned, the walleye started being caught by everyone. Then the cold air returned and the rain came and now we have 63 degree water and the crappie are hard to find, the bass are scattered and who knows about the walleye. Hopefully things will settle down and the fish will finish whatever they are doing. Right now the bass fishing is getting better and the bigger fish are starting to show up. Jigs, top waters, spinnerbaits, and plastic worms are catching most of them. Good Luck!!

Bull Shoals Fishing Report, February 12th, 2014

This fishing report is for the K-Dock Marina area of Bull Shoals Lake. The bass fishing has been pretty good with the A-rig as the primary bait being used. The bass are in 14 to 24 feet of water on the river banks near deep water. I have been using a the wind to pull the bait just off the bottom as I drag it over the fish and they come up and hit it. I caught crappie on Tuesday by finding big schools of shad and throwing a small grub in the same area and letting it fall though it and the crappie were under the schools of shad. The water temperature has been 34 to 36 and most of the fish are in the K-Dock area.

Bull Shoals Fishing Report – October 10th, 2013

The fishing report for the K-Dock area on Bull Shoals Lake is good news for those who fish this area. The bass are really starting to move from the deep water up to the bank especially on the 45 degree angle rocky banks with some brush or weeds in the water. Lots of short bass are being caught on spinner baits when the wind is blowing into the bank. The war eagle chartruese purple shad in the 1/2 oz. size has been my best bait. I have also been catching bass in 25 feet in the brush piles or on the ledges on football jigs. I have had several 30 to 40 bass days in the past two weeks, but only 4 or 5 keepers. The big fish must be some where, but I don’t know where. I went crappie fishing Tuesday evening after 5:00 and caught 7 keepers and 2 shorts. They were on the brushpiles in 20 feet and I caught them on a tennessee shad grub on a roadrunner head. Some walleye are being caught on war eagle white spoons in 25 feet. I may not get much fishing done this next week as my trolling motor is being worked on. Good Luck!!

Bull Shoals Fishing Report – September 20th, 2013

The fishing report for the K-Dock area is finally getting better. The lake has stopped the yo-yo type up and down movement and is somewhat stable. The launching ramps and parking lots are now open and the weather is getting cooler. Bass are being caught on everything from top waters to football jigs and big worms. They are on steep rocky banks and shallow weedlined points. They are in shallow water up against the bank and out in 30 feet on the bottom. There are a lot of fish chasing schools of shad so you need to always have a top water ready to throw. My crappie spots are just about to get to the right depth and I will have a report on that next week. Hopefully next week I can give more specific information on what is working to put fish in the boat. Good Luck!

Bull Shoals Fishing Report – August 18th, 2013

It has been a long time since my last fishing report. The water conditions around K-Dock Marina and weather conditions have made fishing really tough. The bass fishing has been the best and it has been very spotty. Before all the rain and cool weather the bass were setting up in 20 to 25 feet of water on the ledges and brush piles. Big worms and football jigs were the go to baits. Now we are 14 feet above power pool and the fish are scattered. You should always have a top water tied on and be ready for schooling fish to surface. Fishing the flooded brush with a big worm or power hog has been productive, but most of the fish are short. The water temperature has dropped to about 80 degrees. Walleye are hard to come by and crappie are the same. Hopefully I will have better news next week.

Bull shoals Fishing Report – July 5th 2013

The fishing report for the K-Dock Marina area of Bull Shoals lake is really changing as the water conditions change almost daily. The water temperature on Thursday afternoon the 27th of June was 87 degrees. On Monday afternoon the 1st of July the temperature was 74 degrees. If you go up the lake towards the Forsyth area the water gets colder as they were generating through the dam during the hot weather. Now that the weather has cooled down, they have shut down the generating to only a few hours per day. The fish have been caught several different ways with a jig and craw trailer being the most productive. My guide clients caught over 20 bass per day on Tuesday and Wednesday with most of them on a 3/8th oz. jig in Table rock craw color with a 3 1/2 inch craw trailer in texas red color. They also caught some 3 to 4 lb. bass on 5 inch  Berkley power hawgs in watermelon red flake or June bug color. The bass will pick up the 10 inch power worm but they are not eating it like they were before. The walleye are being caught in good numbers by trolling a chartreuse and chrome hot-n-tot in 19 feet of water in the Mincey area. Good Luck!

Bull Shoals Fishing Report – June 30th, 2013

The fishing report for the K-Dock Marina area of Bull Shoals Lake for the last week of June is like the Clint Eastwood movie “The Good, the bad, and the ugly”. The good is for bass fishermen who like to fish a plastic worm in brush piles in 12 to 20 feet of water. The bad is for the bass fishermen who were catching lots of bass in the bushes before they decided to pull the plug on the lake and drop it about half a foot per day. The ugly is what happened to all of the walleye that were being caught by trolling the shallows with hot-n-tots before the water temperature shot up to the upper 80’s. That being said I think the fish are moving deeper and the fishermen need to adjust or be shut out. The fish in transition and should be getting into the summer pattern real soon. Good Luck!

Bull Shoals Fishing Report – June 17th 2013

The Bull Shoals fishing report for the K-Dock Marina area has been a long time coming because the fishing was as bad as it could be for a long time and is now starting to get real good. The walleye are being caught by trolling hot n tots or other crank baits, they are also being caught by bass fishermen on spinner baits and crank baits. Hit the rocky points starting out in 25 feet of water all the way to the shallows. Bass are also being caught on the points and shallow coves around the bushes. Spinnerbaits, top water baits, and brush hogs are catching bass. On June 4th fishing in the Tuesday night tournament, we won with over 19 pounds and had big bass with just over 5 pounds. Most of the fish were caught on a sexy purple shad spinner bait and a Berkley power hawg in watermelon red flake. The bass are scattered and difficult to pattern, but if you catch one, you need to milk the area for others before moving on. This last round of rain in south Springfield may change things this coming week, but I will be fishing and will get a report by the weekend. Good Luck!